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Ambulance Service Notice
Mackenzie's Ambulance service requested the town's help in notifying all residents of the importance of knowing their street address and having it readily available to pass to the paramedics in case of an emergency. Many of the drivers are not familiar with the area and knowing the street address is essential in getting the paramedics to your home as soon as possible.

If you are unsure of your street address, please contact the town office, we can provide it to you.

Posted: June 6, 2017 9:31 pm NFLD

Water Thaw Up - Policy Change
Residents are advised that effective immediately, council has adopted a new policy for water thaw up. There will be a $25.00 fee per person/per hour charged to anyone needing the town's assistance in clearing frozen water lines. There will be a $25.00 fee per day for rental of water tanked used in thawing frozen water lines.

Posted: June 6, 2017 9:22 pm NFLD

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The Harvey Family Legend
Newfoundland DogIn 1828, the Harvey family, with the aid of their Newfoundland dog, "Hairyman", rescued 163 people from the sinking brig "Despatch", shipwrecked on the rocks off Isle Aux Morts. They made another daring rescue in 1838, saving 25 crew members from the Glasgow ship, the "Rankin". The present day Coast Guard Ship "Ann Harvey", is named in memory of the daughter of George Harvey who, while she was only 17 years old, assisted in these heroic deeds. [Read more]


Business Directory

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Tel: (709) 695-2405
19 A Grand Bay Road
Port aux Basques, NL

Barry's Lounge and Grill
Supplier - dart supplies, amps and guitars
Grill Open Tues - Sat 5:30pm - 12:00am
Tel: (709) 698-3479
PO Box 184
Isle aux Morts, NL A0M 1J0
Owner/Operator: Sylvia Coleman

Coastal Suites & Rooms
Tel: (709) 698-3874
P.O. Box 184
Isle aux Morts, NL A0M 1J0
Email: barrycoleman2001@yahoo.ca
NL Tourism : www.newfoundlandlabrador.com

Community Centre
Tel: (709) 698-3032 or 698-3441(town office)
P.O. Box 58
Isle aux Morts, NL A0M 1J0

Canadian Coast Guard
Local: (709) 458-2817
Maritime Search and Rescue: (800) 563-2444
Environmental Response: (800) 563-9089
Marine Communications & Traffic Svcs Centres
- Placentia: (709) 227-2181
- Labrador: (709) 896-2252
- St. John's: (709) 772-2083
- St. Anthony: (709) 454-3852
- Port aux Basques: (709) 695-2167
Regional Operations Centre: (709) 772-2083
Ice Information Assistance: (709) 772-2078
Operations Centre: (709) 772-6220

Dr. Charles L. LeGrow Health Centre
Tel: (709) 695-2175
P.O. Box 250
Port aux Basques, NL A0M 1C0
Website: westernhealth.nl.ca

Fire Department
Tel: (709) 695-2500
14 Legallais St
Isle Aux Morts, NL
[View More Information]

Good Samaritan 50+ Club
We take reservations for birthday parties!
Tel: (709) 698-3249
P.O. Box 71
Isle aux Morts, NL A0M 1J0
Contact Person: Bertha Skinner

Hairyman's Safe Haven Cafe
Located at the Community Center
Tel: (709) 698-3032
68 Route 470
Isle aux Morts, NL A0M 1J0
• Open May thru mid-October - closed for winter
• Open Monday thru Friday 10am to 6pm
• Open Sunday for Brunch 11 am to 1 pm

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Highway Convenience
Tel: (709) 698-3881
P.O. Box 281
Isle aux Morts, NL A0M 1J0
Owner/Operator: Shirley Hayman

Holy Spirit Church
Telephone: (709) 698-3766 (Rectory)
P.O. Box 140
Isle aux Morts, NL A0M 1J0
Rector: Rev. Duncan Granter

LeGallais Memorial School K-9
Tel: (709) 698-3722
P.O. Box 170
Isle aux Morts, NL
Principal: Mr. Brian Griffin
Website: www.lgm.k12.nf.ca

Lillington's Housekeeping Units
Tel: (709) 698-3889 or (709)698-3712
P.O. Box 163
Isle aux Morts, NL A0M 1J0
NL Tourism: www.newfoundlandlabrador.com

M & R Convenience
Telephone: (709) 698-3579
P.O. Box 148
Isle aux Morts, NL A0M 1J0
Owner/Operators: Marilyn Crowell and Doreen Harvey

MacKenzie's Ambulance
Tel: (709) 695-2405
19 A Grand Bay Road
Port aux Basques, NL

Marine Atlantic Ferry Service
Service between mainland Canada and Newfoundland
Tel: (800) 341-7981
Port aux Basques, NL
Website: www.marine-atlantic.ca

Poison Information Centre
Tel: (866) 727-1110

Power Outages & Emergencies
Tel: (800) 474-5711

Provincial Ferry Service
Service between Newfoundland and Labrador
Tel: 866-535-2567
St. Barbe, NL
Website: www.tw.gov.nl.ca

RCMP (Port aux Basques Detachment)
Tel: (709) 695-2149

Service Canada
Tel: (800) 622-6232

St. James L.O.L # 177
Tel: (709) 698-3128
P.O. Box 79
Isle aux Morts, NL A0M 1J0
Contact person: Raymond Osmond (709) 698-3132

St. James Regional High School
Grades 10-12
Tel: (709) 695-3551
P.O. Box 910
Port aux Basques, NL A0M 1C0
Email: sjrh@wnlsd.ca
Website: www.sjrh.k12.nf.ca

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Posted: Aug 16, 2017 1:04 pm NFLD

Beautification of Our Community
Civic pride surrounding the appearance of our town, inspires greater population growth. It also triggers investment and jobs into our local economy. [Read Community Beautification Tips]

Posted: Feb 29, 2012 2:34 pm NFLD

History of Isle aux Morts
Isle Aux Morts has a rich maritime heritage of fishing and sailing with many tales of shipwrecks. For this reason the French named it "Deadman's Island". It is a town noted for its heroism and discovery. One of the first families who settled in the area in the early 1800s was the George Harvey family, well known for their heroic rescues. [More]

Posted: Feb 29, 2012 2:21 pm NFLD