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Ambulance Service Notice
Mackenzie's Ambulance service requested the town's help in notifying all residents of the importance of knowing their street address and having it readily available to pass to the paramedics in case of an emergency. Many of the drivers are not familiar with the area and knowing the street address is essential in getting the paramedics to your home as soon as possible.

If you are unsure of your street address, please contact the town office, we can provide it to you.

Posted: June 6, 2017 9:31 pm NFLD

Water Thaw Up - Policy Change
Residents are advised that effective immediately, council has adopted a new policy for water thaw up. There will be a $25.00 fee per person/per hour charged to anyone needing the town's assistance in clearing frozen water lines. There will be a $25.00 fee per day for rental of water tanked used in thawing frozen water lines.

Posted: June 6, 2017 9:22 pm NFLD

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The Harvey Family Legend
Newfoundland DogIn 1828, the Harvey family, with the aid of their Newfoundland dog, "Hairyman", rescued 163 people from the sinking brig "Despatch", shipwrecked on the rocks off Isle Aux Morts. They made another daring rescue in 1838, saving 25 crew members from the Glasgow ship, the "Rankin". The present day Coast Guard Ship "Ann Harvey", is named in memory of the daughter of George Harvey who, while she was only 17 years old, assisted in these heroic deeds. [Read more]

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Descendants of George & Jane Harvey

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GEORGE HARVEY (b. 1788, d. 21 Sep 1859 IAM), m. 1810 -JANE (b. 1792, d. 15 Jun 1862 IAM)

A.     Anne Harvey (b. 1811, d. Mar 1845 Connior Bay) m. 1828 Charles Gilliam (b. 1798 Cape Ray, d. 25 Feb 1866 St. Georges, s/o Michael & Sarah).

1. Charles Edward Gilliam (b. 1829 Point Blanche) m.  -Harriet Messervey (b. )

a. Selina Gilliam (b. 17 Jul 1857, d. 14 May 1858)

b. Cornelia Gilliam (b. 31 Oct 1858 Picadilly) m. -John Pike (b. )

i. Elizabeth Gilliam (b.01 Mar1881)

c. Marcella Gilliam (b. 3 Mar 1861 Picadilly)

d. Edward Gilliam (b. 18 Dec 1863 Gravels)

e. Isabella Gilliam (b. 17 Dec 1865 Crabbes, d. 15 May 1894)

2.     Jane Gilliam (b. 1830 Point Blanche, d. 01 Apr 1891))

3.     William Gilliam (b. 1833, d.  05 Jun 1895) m. 02 Oct 1857 -Martha Legge (b. )

a. William Thomas Gilliam (b. 11 Dec 1856) m. 28 Apr 1881 -Elizabeth Alice Picot (b )

i. Richard Thomas Harvey Gilliam (b. 27 Sep 1881 Crabbes) m. 11 May 1905 -Emma Ann Vincent (b. 1805 d/o Andrew)
ii. Martha Jane Gilliam (b. 13 Sep 1883 Crabbes, d. 17 Jan 1893)
iii. Amy Frances Gilliam (b. 25 Dec 1885 Crabbes)
iv. Adelia Ann Gilliam (b. 31 Jul 1888 Crabbes)
Victoria Gilliam (b. ,d. 09 Oct 1904)
v. James Albert Gilliam (b. 09 Sep 1890 Crabbes) m. 28 Dec 1911 -Jessie Margaret Legge (b. 1891 d/o Jacob)
George Wilfred Gilliam (b. 07 Jun 1915, d. 01 Feb 1916)
vi. Wilfred Augustus Gilliam (b. 25 Oct 1892 Crabbes, d. 05 Nov 1914)
vii. Laurena Maud Gilliam (b. 22 Nov 1894 Crabbes) m. 25 Oct 1912 -Stephen James Pike (b. 1889 s/o Joseph)

b. Richard Gilliam (b. May 1858 Crabbes) m. 10 Feb 1887 -Sarah Patience Pike (b. May 1864 d/o John)

i. James Percival Kenneth Gilliam (b. 25 Jan 1891 Crabbes) m. Isabella May (Aug 1900)
Hilda M. Gilliam (b. Jul 1918
Mabel R Gilliam (b. May 1921)
ii. Richard T. Gilliam (b. Sep 1881) m. Emma (b. Nov 1885)
Hazel Gilliam (b. Feb 1906 Crabbes)
Alice Gilliam (b. Dec 1909 Crabbes)
Maisie Gilliam (b. Dec 1910 Crabbes)
Albert Gilliam (b. Jul 1911 Crabbes)
Edna Gilliam (b, Feb 1913 Crabbes)
Beulah Gilliam (b. Jan 1916 Crabbes)
Violet Gilliam (b. Sep 1918 Crabbes)
Vincent Gilliam (b. May 1919 Crabbes)
Mebabelle Gilliam (b. Jun 192 Crabbes)
iii. Jessie Eleanor Gilliam (b. 23 Nov 1894)

c. Mary Ann Gilliam (b. 26 Oct 1860) m. 14 Dec 1880 -John Gale & m.  James Fortune (b. 08 Oct 1860 s/o Andrew & Adelaide)

d. Charles Wilson Gilliam (b. 11 Oct 1862 Crabbes) m. 19 Jun 1886-Mary Ann Fortune (b. 1864 d/o Andrew & Adelaide)

i. William Andrew Gilliam (b. 11 Oct 1886) m. 15 Dec 1910 -Emma Agnes Renouf (b. 1884 d/o Joseph)
ii. George Robert Gilliam (b. 21 Jul 1889, d. 15 Sep 1896)
iii. Lily Rhoda Gilliam (b. 05 Aug 1891) m. 26 Nov 1908 -William James Cook (b. 1879 s/o Alfred)
iv. John Bernard Gilliam (b. 29 Oct 1894)
v. Caroline Mary Gilliam (b. 30 Mar 1896)
vi. Charles Llewellyn Gilliam (b. 08 Aug 1898, d. 18 Sep 1917)
vii. Martha Adelaide Gilliam (b. 04 Aug 1900)
viii. Matilda Frances Gilliam (b. 04 Oct 1900, d. 01 Apr 1910)

e. Isaac William Gilliam (b.1871 ) m. 17 Feb 1896 -Mary Ann Cook (b. 1871 d/o William Alfred)

f. Wilson Gilliam (b. 03 Mar 1863  Crabbes) m. 11 Dec 1890 -Lydia Maria Alley (b. Oct 1865)

i. Isaac James Edward Gilliam (b. 01 Jun 1892)
ii. Martha Ann Gilliam (b. 24 Oct 1893) m. 08 Jan 1913 -William Benjamin Chaffey (b. 1883 s/o Octavius)
iii. Elijah Wilson Gilliam (b. 25 Aug 1895)
iv. Ernest Stanley Gilliam (b. 13 Dec 1896)  m. 20 Oct 1921 -Alice Huelan (b. 1899 d/o George)
v. Olive Gertrude Gilliam (b. 03 Jan 1899) m.

Ralph Gideon Butt (b. 16 May 1898)
Emida Butt (b. Jan 1920) m. -Don Manuel
George Butt (b. 1921,d. 18 Feb 2000) m. -Greta Green
Ralph P. Butt (b. 06 Jul 1926, d. 22 Jun 2001)
Roy Butt (b. ) m. -Margaret Brown
Eileen Butt m. -Clarence Madore (b. 1930, d. 1978)
Martha Cavell Butt (b. ) m. -Cyril Russell
Florence Butt (b. ) m. -eldred Russell

vi. Victoria M. Gilliam (b. Jan 1901)
vii. John A. Gilliam (b. Jul 1904)
viii. Alice B. Gilliam (b. Jul 1904 Crabbes)
ix. Wilson G. Gilliam (b. Aug 1906 Crabbes)
x. Gladys Gilliam (b. Aug 1909 Crabbes)
xi. Winnifred G. Gilliam (b. Feb 1911)

Edward J. Gilliam (b. Jul 1903 Crabbes)
Charles Wilson Gilliam (b. 18 Apr 1903,d. 16 Jun 1903)

g. John Gilliam (b. 10 Jan 1873 Crabbes, d. 22 Nov 1894)

h. Hannah Gilliam (b. 25 Dec 1875 Crabbes) m. William Wilson Kettle (b. )

i. Stephen Gilliam (b.16 Jul 1900)

4. Sarah Gilliam (b. 1834 Chan)

5. George Michael Gilliam (b. 1835 Chan, d. 07 Jan 1897) m. 17 Nov 1862 Amelia Huelin (b. , d. 14 May 1902 d/o James & Jane)

a. William James Gilliam (b. 08 Sep 1863 Bear Brook) m. Mary Martha (b. 1876)

i. George Charles Gilliam (b. 31 Oct 1896, d. 24 Jan 1976) m. 29 Dec 1921 -Sarah Jane Legge (b. 1902, 27 Nov 1954 d/o Joseph)
ii. Moses Michael Gilliam (b. 04 Jan 1900, d. 04 Jan 1900)
William G. Gilliam (b. Mar 1900)
iii. Susan J. Gilliam (b. Jan 1902)
iv. Edward H. Gilliam (b. Jan 1906)

v. Thomas T. Gilliam (b. May 1909)
vi. Lavina Gilliam (. Mar 1911)
vii. Gertrude (b. Jul 1914)
viii. Martha (b. Aug 1916)

b. George Gilliam  (b. 24 Dec 1860 Middle Barrisway) m. 22 Nov 1892 Isabella McKay (b. 1869 d/o Peter) & m. 07 Sep 1897. -Mary Ellen Legge (b. Mar 1876 d/o Joseph)

i. Lavina Belle Gilliam (b. 15 May 1898) m. 28 Jul 1921 -Thomas Allez (b. 1892 s/o Joseph)
ii. Joseph Michael Gilliam (b. 18 Nov 1899)
iii. George H. Gilliam (b. Jun 1901)
iv. Earl Gilliam (b. Sep 1904)
v. Norah Gladys Gilliam (b. Sep 1904)
vi. Nelson C. Gilliam (b. Jun 1907)
vii. William S. Gilliam (b. Jun 1907)

c. Jane Anne Gilliam (b. 26 Jun 1868 Middle Brook) m. 17 Dec 1890 -Archibald McKay (b. 1860)

i. John Malcolm McKay (b. 13 Feb 1892)
ii. Patrick McKay (b. 01 May 1894)
iii. Martha Adelaide McKay (b. 26 Aug 1895)
iv. Peter Michael McKay (b. 10 Jun 1898)
v. Isabelle May McKay (b. 13 Aug 1901  m. 11 Jan 1918 -Charles Kenneth Gilliam (b. 31Aug 1891 s/o Israel Isaac & Mary Ann)
vi. Amelia F. McKay (b. Nov 1901)
vii. William O. McKay (b. May 1904)
viii. Catherine M. McKay (b. Aug 1907)

d. Levina Gilliam (b. 15 Sep 1870 Middle Barrisway, d. 17 Aug 1897) m. 25 Nov 1892 -Philip James Hulan (b. 1868)

i. Mary Ann Hulan (b. 29 Oct 1893)

e. Elizabeth Martha Gilliam (b. 10 Nov 1874 Middle Barrisway) m. -14 Dec 1895 Thomas McEachern (b. 1871 s/o Simon)

i. Catherine McEachern (Jun 1896)
ii. Lavina J. McEachern (b. Jan 1898)
iii. George Charles McEachern (b. 15 Feb 1900)
iv. William T. McEachern b. Jan 1903)
v. Amelia E McEachern (b. Apr 1905)

f. Samuel Charles Gilliam (b. 18 Sep 1878 Middle Barrisway) m.30 Oct 1914 - Eva Hulan (b. Nov 1893 d/o James B.)

i. Pierce C. Gilliam (b. Dec 1918)

g. Nelson Gilliam (b. 03 May 1881 Crabbes)

6. John Henry Gilliam (b. Jun 1838) m. 10 Apr 1858 -Rebecca Sophia Shears(Shaw) (b. 1836, d. 08 Aug 1909)

a. Isreal Isaac Gilliam (b. 03 Oct 1858) m. 06 Nov 1884 -Mary Ann Legge (b. 1867, d/o Emmanuel)

i. Elizabeth Ann Gilliam (b. 29 Nov 1885)
ii. Isaac Warren Gilliam (b. 14 Dec 1887)
iii. Rebecca Gilliam (b. 03 Feb 1890, d. 17 Feb 1890)
iv. Charles Kenneth Gilliam (b. 31 Aug 1891) m. 11 Jan 1918 -May McKay (b. 1901 d/o Archibald)
v. Edith May Gilliam (b. 03 Feb 1894)

b. Catherine Ann Gilliam (b. 10 Oct 1860) m. -William James Hulan (b.  )

i. Jeremiah John Hulan (b. 31 Mar 1894)

c. Elizabeth Jane Gilliam (b. 17 Apr 1863 Robinsons, d. 29 Jul 1877)

d. John Franklin Gilliam (b. 31 Oct 1865 Robinsons, d. 24 Jun 1915) m. 10 Dec 1889 -Christianna Jane Renouf (b. 1869, d. 19 Jun 1915 d/o Clement & Eleanor)

i. OlivIna Gilliam (b. 16 Jan 1901, d. 26 Jan 1916)
ii. Mabel Gilliam (b. 09 Nov 1904, d. 09 Feb 1916)
iii. Clara M. Gilliam (b.Aug 1911)

e. Rebecca Gilliam (b. 22 Aug 1868 Robinsons) m. 07 Nov 1889 -Joseph Morris (b. 1849 s/o Robert)

i. Elizabeth Jane Morris (b. 03 Apr 1890)
ii. James Robert Morris (b. 02 Dec 1891)
iii. Martha May Morris (b. 07 Aug 1894)
iv. Henry Ralph Morris (b. 21 Feb 1897)
v. Willis Harold Morris (b. 16 dec 1899)
vi. Matilda A. Morris (b. Mar 903)
vii. John T. Morris (b. Oct 1904)
viii. Joseph B. Morris (b. Oct 1904)
ix. Ada O. Morris (b. Mar 1907)
x. Rebecca Morris (b. Sep 1910)

f. Mary Priscilla Gilliam (b. 12 Feb 1870 Robinsons) m. 23 Nov 1892 -James Allan Shears (b. 1871 s/o James)

i. Walter Byers Shears (b. 17 Sep 1893)
ii. John James Shears (b. 05 Feb 1897)
iii. Jessie Florence Shears (b. 14 Mar 1899)

g. Stephen Charles Gilliam (b. 02 Feb 1873) m. 11 Dec 1895 -Lucy Laura Atkins (b. Aug 1877 d/o Samuel)

i. Arthur Wilfred Gilliam (b. 01 Aug 1896)
ii. John Samuel Gilliam (b. 09 Aug 1900)
iii. Margaret Gilliam (b. Jul 1903)
iv. Robert Deaker Gilliam (b. Aug 1904)
v. Rebecca Gertrude Gilliam (b. Jul 1906)
vi. Elizabeth A. Giliam (b. Dec 1908)
vii. Charles Carl Gilliam (b. Jul 1910)

h. William Harvey Gilliam (b. 11 Feb 1876 Robinsons) m. Mary (b Feb 1877)

i. John Osborne Gilliam (b. Jan 1907)
ii. Leda R. Gilliam (b. Jan 1910)
iii. Annie E. Gilliam (b. Aug 190-)

j. George Solomon Gilliam (b. 05 May 1875) m. 12 Oct 1905 -Georgie Annabelle McKay (b. 1886 d/o Alexander Allan))

i. Elizabeth Catherine Gilliam (b. 28 Aug 1906, d. 17 Sep 1906)
ii. Alexander J. Gilliam (b. Nov 1900)
iii. John A. Giliam (b. Jun 1910)
iv. William Gilliam (b. Aug 1910)

7. Mary Ann Gilliam (b. 1836 Chan) m. James Mockford (b. )

8. Thomas Gilliam (b. Jan 1845 Connoire Bay, d. 1922 Woody Point) m. Sarah Jane Brown (b. 1864 Mutton Bay, Lab, d. 1903 Curzon Village, Bonne Bay)

NOTE: In 1821 Census, Thomas Gilliam was living with his son John in Curzon Village, Bonne Bay

a. Isabella Ann Gilliam

b. John Charles Gilliam (b. Mar 1885 Curzon Village, Bonne Bay) m. -Christanna Sparks (b. ) & m.-Lydia Symonds (b. Jan 1887 Birchy Head)

i. Blanche Amelia Gilliam (b. Oct 1907 Curzon Village, Bonne Bay)
ii. Violet Gilliam (b. Jun 1912 Curzon Village)
iii. John Gilliam (b. Oct 1912 Curzon Village) m. Georgina (b.  1921)
iv. Sylvia Frances Gilliam (b. Nov 1919 Curzon Village)
v. George Herber Gilliam (b. Dec 1920 Curzon Village)
vi. William Thomas Gilliam (b. 1926 Curzon Village)
vii. Joyce W. Gilliam (b. 1922 Curzon Village)
viii. Hannah E. Gilliam (b. 1928 Curzon Village)
ix. Arthur I. Gilliam (b. 1930 Curzon Village)
x. William N. Gilliam (b. 1939)

c. Blanche Amelia Strickland (Joseph)

d. Sarah Isabella Gilliam (b.Jul 1890 Curzon Village) m. -Alfred James Hutchings (b. Sep 1886 Birchy Head)

i. Sarah Hutchings (b. Jul 1907 Curzon Village)
ii. Garfield Hutchings (b. Oct 1909 Curzon Village)
iii. Effie Hutchings (b. Nov 1913 Curzon Village)
iv. Frances Hutchings (b. Mar 1916 Curzon Village)
v. Vera Hutchings (b. Sep 1917 Curzon Village)
vi. George Hutchings (b. Nov 1920 Curzon Village)
vii. Lewis Hutchings (b. )
viii. Clyde Hutchings (b. )
ix. Blanche Hutchings (b. )

e. William Joseph Gilliam (b. Nov 1893 Woody Point) m. Sarah Beatrice Payne (b. May 1896 Rocky Harbour)

i. Rhoda Myra Gilliam (b. Jan 1918 Woody Point) m. George Wells (b.)

Donald Wells (Libby)
Gerald Wells (Linda)
Derek Wells (Allison)
Chester Wells

ii. Donald Samuel Gilliam (b. Jan 1920 Woody Point) m. -Vera ?
iii. Ida Gilliam (b. 1922) m. Linda
iv. Alexander Gilliam (b. 1924) m. -Hilda ?
v. Annie Gilliam (b. 1926) m. -Donald Poole
vi. William Gilliam (b. 1928) m. Gwen ?
vii. Isabelle Gilliam (b. 1930) m. -? Crowell
viii. Joan Gilliam (b. 1932)
ix. Robert Gilliam (b. 1934) m. -Phoebe ?

f. Adella Frances Gilliam (b. Jun 1897) m. -James Albert Payne (b. Oct 1890 Cow Head))

i. William Payne (b. Jan 1910 Cow Head)
ii. Sarah Payne (b. Apr 1918 Cow Head)
iii. Violet Payne (b. Jan 1920 Cow Head)

g. George Freeman Gilliam (b. Jun 1901 Curzon Village) m. -Mary Cullihall

B. Priscilla Harvey (b.1814, d. 1886 IAM) m. Prosper LeFrense (b. 1813, d. 27 May 1899 IAM)

1. George LeFrense (b. 15 Aug 1839 IAM d. 16 May 1918 IAM) m. 20 May 1863 -Frances Forward (Hiscock) Lovell (b.  25 Jun 1839 widow of William Lovell)

a. Mary Elizabeth LeFrense (b. 1863 IAM) m. 06 Oct 1884 William Meade (b. 1859 s/o William)

i. John Meade (b. 1887 IAM, d. 1950?)
ii. Martha Jane Meade (b. 03 Apr 1886 IAM, d. 1918 Grand Bank) m. 1911 -William Grimes (b. Little Bay Islands)

        Myrtle Belle Grimes (b. 1912 Musgrave Harbour, d. 1912)
        John Allison Lloyd Grimes (b. 1913)
        Edith May Belle Grimes (b. 1914)
        Emma Lillian Cotter Grimes (b. 1916)
        Martha Meade Grimes (b. 1918)

b. Prosper Dominic LeFrense (b. 1865 IAM) m. Oct 1888 -Magdeline Currie (b. 1869 IAM d/o John & Susannah)

c. Priscilla Jane LeFrense (b. 1866 IAM) m. 30 Jan 1884 -George Cotter

d. Giles Henry LeFrense (b. 1868 IAM) m. 05 Jun 1891- Elizabeth Frampton (b. 1868 IAM, d. 21 Aug 1941 d/o James & Eleanor)

e. James Alexander LeFrense (b. 1872 IAM, d. 10 Aug 1934) m. 26 Jun 1897 IAM Harriet Frampton (b. 05 Apr 1881 IAM, 27 Aug 1938 d/o James & Eleanor)

i. Mabel LeFrense (b. 21 Sep 1898 IAM) m. - William Prosser (b. Aug 1890 IAM s/o Edward & Adelaide)

Sarah Prosser (b. Dec 1911 IAM)
Charles Prosser (b. May 1918 IAM)
Myrtle Prosser (b. Jun 1920 IAM)
Leona Prosser (b. 1921 IAM) m. -Ambrose John Robert LeFrense (b. 1922 IAM s/o Alexander & Elizabeth Jane)
Marion Prosser (b. 1926 IAM) m. -Benjamin Lawrence (b. IAM s/o Nicholas & Annie Mary)

ii. Joshua LeFrense (b. Aug 1902 IAM) m. - Caroline Hannam (b. Feb 1901 Rose Blanche, d. 1929 IAM d/o William & Caroline) & m. - Gertrude Florence Mullins (b. Sep 1910 Harbour Breton d/o Peter & Laura)
iii. Emma Jane LeFrense (b. May 1905 IAM, d. 24 Sep 1928 IAM)
iv. Elias LeFrense (b, Apr 1907 IAM)
v. Martha LeFrense (b. Apr 1912 IAM) m. Freeman Meade (b. Jan 1908 IAM s/o Joshua & Maria)

James Meade (b. IAM) m. Lavena Organ (b. IAM d/o Alexander & Alice)
Joyce Meade (b. IAM) m. Dorman Bunter (b. )
Emma Meade (b. IAM) m. John Andrew Walters (b. IAM s/o Cornelius & Annabelle)
Gertrude Meade
Joshua Meade
Enos Meade (b. IAM) m. Madeline Payne (b. IAM d/o Bernard & Violet)

f. John Edward (Jabez) LeFrense (b. 1874 IAM) m. 30 Nov 1903 - Frances E. Smith (b. 1880)

g. Martha LeFrense (b. IAM) m. 27 Sep 1896 - Andrew Coleman (b. Oct 1867 IAM s/0 Henry & Priscilla)

i. Llewellyn Coleman (b. IAM) m.22 Apr 1925 IAM Rosanna Organ (b.  IAM, d/o George & Emily Anne)

Wesley Coleman (Agnes Seymour)
Leta Coleman
Dulcie Coleman (freeman Green)
Roberta Coleman

Wallace Coleman
Marjorie Coleman
Kenneth Coleman (Carrie Best)

ii. Annabelle Coleman (b. IAM) m. 05 Sep 1912 Cornelius Walters (b. Nov 1886 IAM s/o John & Elizabeth)

Caroline Walters
Alma Regina Billard (Charles Elliot)
Leah Billard (Blanford) & Scott (Winter)
Alvina Hayman (Walter)
Irene Walters
Jessie Walters
John Walters (Emma Meade)
Violet May Walters

iii. Wallace Coleman

h. Levina LeFrense (b. ) m. 07 Jul 1900 Robert Strickland (b. 22 Jan 1877 IAM s/o Thomas & Eleanor)

i. Mary Elizabeth Stickland (b. 17 Apr 1901 IAM. 24 Jul 1976 Kitchener, Ont)
ii. Melida Strickland (b. 2 Apr 1903 IAM d. ?) Wilson Green (b., d. 25 Aug 1927) & Charles Martin

Freeman Green (b. Aug 1918 IAM) m. Aveline Harvey (b. IAM d/o John & Louisa)
Woodrow Wilson Green (b. IAM)
George Albert Green (b. 16 Jul 1926 IAM)
Olive June Green (b. 18 Dec 1922 IAM)
Marjorie Martin (b. )
Bulach Martin (b. )

iii. George Strickland (b. Apr 1906 IAM) m. Marjorie Scott (b. Aug 1906 Chan, d. 10 May 1935 d/o John & Dianna) & m. -Catherine Collier (b. 08 May 1918 Fox Roost d/o William & Maria Phoebe)

Ethel Strickland (b. 1926 IAM) m. Lorenzo Seymour (b. Apr 1919 IAM)
Lloyd Strickland (b. IAM) m. Julia Green (b. IAM d/o Benjamin & )
John Strickland (b. IAM)
Robert Styricklan (b. IAM) m. Ann LeFrense (b. IAM d/o Nathan & Violet)
Phoebe Payne (Willard)

iv. Frances Strickland (b. Apr 1906 IAM) m. -William Organ (b. , d. 25 Aug 1927s/o George & Emily Anne) & m. Philip Seymour (b. Nov 1902 IAM s/o Thomas & Jane)

Lenora Organ
Levina Organ
Thomas Seymour (Una LeFrense)
Mary Seymour
George Seymour (Marion Hayman)

v. Freeman Srickland (b. 21 Sep 1908 IAM d. ? )
vi. Lloyd (no info)

j. George Ambrose LeFrense (b.  IAM) m. 06 Oct 1897 - Susannah Swift (b. iAM, d. 18 Aug 1935)

i. Frances Foote 1898 (Thomas)

George William Foote
Violet Foote
Maggie Seymour (Eli)
Nathan Foote
Meta Coleman (Churchill)
Susannah Ball (Gordon)

ii. Nathan LeFrense (Violet Walters)

William LeFrense
Dominic LeFrese (Vera Ball)
James LeFrense (Margaret)
Israel LeFrense (Louise)
Anne Strickland (Robert)

iii. Maggie Prosser 1905 (Albert)

Willard Prosser

Monford Prosser
Eileen Prosser

iv. Melita Maude Baggs 1907 (George)

Bulah Walters (John William)
George Baggs (   )
Augusta Foote (Nathan)
Launce Baggs (Dinah Walters)
Roy Baggs (Rosalee Janes)

v. Jane LeFrense (b.1902 IAM) m. Jul 1921 -Samuel Melbourne (b. 1900 Grand Bruit)

Ida Melbourne (b. 1922 Chan)
Willougby Melbourne (b. 1925 Chan)
Phyllis Melbourne (b. 1928 Chan)
Roberta Melbourne (b. 1930 Chan)
Mary Melbourne (b. 1934 Chan)

2. John LeFrense (b. 1842 IAM) m.  - Mary Ann Hiscock (b. d/o Giles & Jane)

a. Leah Jane LeFrense (b. Jul 1873 IAM, d. 04 May 1894) m. 14 Nov 1891 - John Coleman (b. Nov 1865 IAM s/o Henry & Priscilla)

i. Agnes Jane Colrman (b. 1893 IAM) m. 03 Jan 1910 IAM) -George Hiscock (b. s/o Ambrose)

John Hiscock (b. Aug 1914 IAM)
Leah Hiscock (b. Feb 1917 IAM) m. John Wilson Munden (b. Dec 1909 Burnt Is.)
Douglas Hiscock (b. May 1919 IAM) m. May Lawrence (b. 1926)

Hattie Hatcher (Reginald Sr.)
Agnes Ingram (Albert Martin)
Reginald Hatcher Jr. (Marilyn)
George Hatcher (Vivian Billard)
Gordon Hatcher (Ruth)
Alexander Hatcher
Eric Hatcher (Sheila)
Alan Hatche (Susan)

Agnes Hiscock (b. IAM) m. William Harvey (b.  IAM s/o Ephriam & Susannah)

Diane Agnes Harvey
William Harvey (Louise Keeping)
Eevelyn Harvey (Albert Harvey)
Ephriam Harvey (Sabrina)
Douglas Harvey (Elizabeth Francis)
Isabelle Keeping (Lockland)
Gary Harvey (Ellen Walters)
Ross Harvey (Elizabeth)
Rex Harvey (Trudy)
Rodger Harvey (Tracy)

b. John Alexander LeFrense (1874) & Edith Wells1877

i. Charles Walter LeFrense 1898
ii. James Henry LeFrense 1900 (Sarah Amelia Huelin)

Edith Jane Marsden (Cecil)
Miriam LeFrense (b. 02 Aug 1924 IAM) m. -Frank Morris (b.  )
Walter LeFrense (Elsie Ball)
Alma Meade (Eric)
Eli LeFrense (Theresa Seymour (b. IAM d/o John & Julia))
Hilda Thorne (Garland)

iii. Amelia Jane LeFrense (b. May 1902 IAM) m. - Richard Arthur Skinner (b. Nov 1891 Richard’s Hr & m. -Wallace Kinslow)

Adeline Skinner (b.1928 IAM)
Classie Skinner (b. 1929 IAM)
Phyllis Skinner (b. 1932 IAM)
Alfreda Skinner (b. 1934 IAM) m. -Thomas Coley)
Wilfred Skinner (b.1936 IAM)

Ella R. Skinner (b. 1939 IAM)
Warden Skinner (b. 1944 IAM) m. Alice

iv. John Alexander LeFrense 1902 (Elizabeth Jane Lillington (b.  IAM d/o Nelson & Susannah)

Susannah Crane (George)
Una Seymour (Thomas)
Barbara Crane
Dorothy Hayman (Garland)
John Nelson LeFrense (Edna Green)
Betty Mauger (George)
Clayton LeFrense (Joan)
Randolph LeFrense (Catherine Seymour & Starla)
Mary Ann Durnford (Frank)
Abbot LeFrense (Anne)
Hector LeFrense
Wendell LeFrense

v. Priscilla LeFrense 1910 (Benjamin Wells & George Huelin)

Freeman Wells
Benjamin Wells (Vera May Billard)
Joshua Wells
Walter Wells
James Arthur Huelin
Bessie Labour (John Joseph)
Edna Kinslow (Ivan) & Green ( )

iv. Elizabeth LeFrense 1911 (George Seymour)

Edith Seymour
Emma Jane Keeping(Cyril)
George William Seymour

vii. Silas LeFrense 1914 (Edna Currie)

c. George William LeFrense (b. 1882 IAM)

d. Jeremiah LeFrense (b. 1885 IAM, d. 28 Oct 1936

e. Jessie Brayon 1886

i. Oliver Brayon
ii. Mary Brayon
iii. Lewis Brayon

3. Prosper Michael LeFrense 1843 (Elizabeth Jane Hiscock (b.  d/o Giles & Jane)

a. Jeremiah LeFrense (1866)

b. Evangeline Sartin (John) (1868)

c. John Robert LeFrense (1870)

d. Adeline Victoria LeFrense (b. 1873 IAM) m. - Samuel Seymour (b. 1861 Hiscock’s Pt.)

i. Leah Florence LeFrense (b. 1896 IAM, d.1896)
ii. George Seymour (Elizabeth LeFrense)
iii. Lettie Seymour

e. Alexander LeFrense (b. 1876 IAM) m. 21 Dec 1899 -Julia Frampton (b. 28 Aug 1878 IAM d/o Leonard & Elizabeth) & m. -Elizabeth Jane Hann (b.  1883)

i. Philip LeFrense (Emily Harriet)
ii. Alva Huelin (William)

Mary Ann Hatcher (Norman L.)
Margaret Lomond (Robert)
Rita Sawyer (Keith)
Lorne Huelin (Pauline)

James Huelin (Sherry)

iii. Norman Lefrense (Margaret Billard & Ena Marian Hann)

Alexander LeFrense (Marilyn Ida Huelin)
Levi (LeFrense) Harvey (Pearl Hoskins & Phyllis)

iv. Ambrose John Robert LeFrense (Leona Prosser)

Elizabeth Carter
Mabel Smith (Weyman)
Shirley Durnford (John)
Calvin LeFrense (Linda Skinner)
Raymond LeFrense (Stella Billard)
Magalda Fast (Douglas)

v. Emily LeFrense

f. Hezekiah LeFrense (Grace Huelin/Hinks)

i. Norman LeFrense (b. Feb 1897 IAM m. - Lillian (b. Oct 1898 Cape Ray)

4. Philip LeFrense (b. 1846 IAM) m. - Mary Ann Dowden

a. Priscilla LeFrense (b. 24 Feb 1879 IAM)

b. Alice Jane LeFrense (b. 16 Aug 1880 IAM)

c. George LeFrense(b. 07 Dec 1882)

d. Charlotte LeFrense (b. 1885 IAM) m. Samuel Stephen Robinson)

5. Alexander LeFrense (b. 1851 IAM) m. Evangeline Hiscock (b. d/o Giles & Jane)

a. Eugene Lefrense

6. Frances Susan LeFrense m.  02 vfeb 1874 IAM Thomas Strickland (b. Feb 1842 IAM s/o William & Frances))

a. Harriet Adeline Strickland (b. 17 Nov 1874 IAM, d. 1881 IAM)

b. Jeremiah Strickland (b. 19 Oct 1876 IAM)

c. Frances Strickland (b. 20 Jun 1878 IAM)

d. Ester Jane Strickland (b. 16 Apr 1880 IAM, m. 04 Jun 1904 John Iffield

7. James LeFrense (Ellen Richards)

a. Frances Marsden (George)

i. Winnifred Marsden
ii. Florence Marsden (b. Mar 1904 IAM, d. ) m. -Simon Seymour (b. May 1894 s/o Thpmas & Jane)
iii. Margaret Marsden
iv. Priscilla Marsden
v. Cecil Marsden (Edith Jane LeFrense)

Frances A Marsden
Walter S. Marsden

vi. George Marsden
vii. William Marsden

C. Thomas Harvey (b.1818, d. 07 Mar 1894 St. Georges) m. 24 Jul 1854 -Lydia Legge (b. 1829 Crabbes, d. 25 Jan 1885 d/o Thomas & Mary Legge)

1. Jeremiah Harvey (b. ) m. 13 Nov 1878 -Emma (Swyer) Morris & /Mary Selina (b. 1952, d. 05 Nov 1907)? & m. 10 Oct 1911 -Susan (Short) Gilliam

a. Catherine Jane (b. 20 Oct 1879) m. -Richard Henry Huelin (b. )

b. William Thomas Harvey (b. 04 Jul 1884 Crabees)

c. Winifred G. Brown (William)

d. Clarence Harvey

e. Eric Harvey

2. Thomas Jr.. Harvey (b. 1856 IAM, d. 30 Sep 1880)

3. Mary Jane Harvey (b.  Jan 1958 IAM) m. -John Falle (b. Dec 1940 LaPoile)

a. Ellen Elizabeth Falle (b. 25 Jul 1870)

b. Thomas Elias Harvey Falle (b. Dec 1886 St. Georges)

c. Solomon Falle (b. Feb 1887 St. Georges) m. -Eliza Falle (b.Jan 1891 Sandy Point)

d. George Falle

e. Rhoda Ann Lydia Falle (b. ) m. -Samuel Butt (b. )

i. Euphena Butt (b. 1908 Heatherton, d. California)
ii. Morgan Jack Butt (b. 1909 Heatherton, d. NY)
iii. Julia Butt (b. 1911 Heatherton, d. Australia) m.-Reginald Hill (b. England)
iv. Bride Butt (b.1913 Heatherton, d. 28 Dec 2000 Marmora, ON) m. -Henry Urich Gregory (b. 1906 Winterton, Bonavista Bay, d. 1953)
v. Neatha Butt (b. 1915 Heatherton, ) m. -Roy Reader (b. 1913)
vi. Linda Butt (b. Heatherton ) m.-George Boyjian
vii. Mildred Butt (b. ) m. -Howard Alford & m. -Roy Reader
viii. Ada Butt (b. ) m. -Albert Ted Brown
ix. Beatrice Butt (b. ) m. -Carl Bitters
x. Austin Glenn Butt (b. 1923 Heatherton, d. 11 Jan 2003 PQ) m. -Brenda Audrey
xi. Ivy Butt (b.) m. -John Brown

f. Newman Falle (b. May 1893 St. Georges)

g. Ralph Falle (b. May 1895 St. Georges) m. -Annie (b. )

h. Mary Cutler (b. Nov 1896) m. -Clyde Culter (b. Mar 1886 s/o Amos & Mary Ann))

4. George Harvey (b. Feb 1861 IAM) m. 29 Oct 1883 -Priscilla Phoebe Chaffey (b.Jun 1861 Jeffreys d/o Joseph)

a. Rachel Harvey (b. 02 Nov 1884) m. 21 Jan 1902 -William Frederick Madore (b. 1867))

b. Isaac Thomas Harvey (b. 24 Sep 1886) m. 19 Apr 1912 -Eva Belle Huelan (b. 1893, d. 13 Aug 1913 & m. 19 Apr 1917 -Priscilla Hulan (b. )

c. Isabella Clara Harvey (b. 01 Sep 1888) m. 21 Jan 1909 -Nathaniel Pierroway (b. 1886))

d. William Job Harvey (b. 30 Mar 1895) m. 21 Sep 1916 -Annie Ethel Alley) (b. 1896 d/o Elias)

e. Rita Harvey (b. Jun 1907)

f. Joseph Bertram Harvey     (b. Aug 1905)

5. Kezia Harvey (b. ) m.18 Nov 1887 -Christopher Dean Gale (b. 1860)

6. Helen Harvey (b. 1867) m.15 Dec 1888 -Richard Eli Shears (b. Apr 1867 Robinsons s/o Stephen Robert)

a. William Thomas Shears (b. 31Mar 189 Robinsons)

b. Stephen Robert Shears(b. 05 Aug 1891 Robinsons)

c. Edward Moses Shears (b. 08 May 1893 Robinsons)

d. Lydia Rose Shears (b. 18 Mar 1896 Robinsons)

e. Richard Solomon Shears (b. 18 Jan 1899 Robinsons)

f. Elizabeth Shears (b. Sep 1901 Robinsons)

D.     John Harvey (b. 05 Dec 1820 IAM, d. 30 Jul 1855 IAM), m.1839 Susan (b. 1822, d. 1893 IAM) .(possibly d/o William & Elizabeth Blanchard,Crabbes Barrisway)

1. Catherine Harvey (b. 15 Feb 1842 IAM, d. 1855)

2. Jane Harvey (b. 12 Jun !843 IAM)

3. Thomas Harvey (b. 1850 IAM, d. ) m. Frances Anne Robinson (b. 25 Mar 1855 IAM, d. 1941 d/o Samuel Stephen & Mary Ann)

a. George Henry Harvey (b. Jan 1873 IAM) m. -Harriet Ann Ingram (b. Oct 1883 Grand Bruit)

i. Miriam Harvey
ii. Henry Thomas Harvey (Rachel Lillington)
iii. John Philip Harvey(b. Jan 1913 IAM) m. Olive (b. )
iv. Henry Harvey (b. Aug 1907 IAM)
v. John (Job) Harvey

b. Samuel Stephen Harvey

c. Thomas Arthur Harvey (b. Dec 1878 IAM) m. -Rosanna Lawrence (b. Apr 1896 IAM d/o William & Mary)

i. Janet Harvey (b. Jan 1917 IAM)
ii. Howard Harvey

Jeanette Hiscott (Peter Augustus)
Alma Harvey
John Harvey (Gerlyn)

d. Sarah Amelia Harvey (b. Feb 1884 IAM) m. -John Coley (b. Nov 1870 Burgeo)

e. James Alfred Harvey (b. May 1885 IAM) m. Jessie Elizabeth Walters (b. Nov 1888 IAM d/o John & Elizabeth)

i. John Thomas Harvey (b. Oct 1903 IAM) m. Harriet Wells (b.  d/o James & Harriet)
ii. James Albert Harvey (b. Aug 1905 IAM) m. Hannah (b. )
iii. Cornelius Harvey (b. Aug 1907 IAM)
iv. Archibald Victor Harvey (b. May 1909 IAM)
v. Samuel Stephen Harvey
vi. Ida Blanche Harvey (b. Jul 1914 IAM)
vii. George Henry Harvey (b. Oct 1917 IAM)

viii. Sadie Organ (b. Aug 1920 IAM) m. George Organ (b. Nov 1912 IAM s/o George & Emily Ann) Warden Harvey (b. 06 Aug 1920 IAM)

ix. Winnifred Harvey (Irvin Rathburn)
x. Vida Skinner (Joshua)

f. John William Harvey (Susannah Currie)

i. Thomas Harvey (Harriet Scott)
ii. Abigail Bragg (James)
iii. Archibald Harvey (Fannie Mae Drover)
iv. Evelyn Harvey
v. Eliza Harvey
vi. Willoughby Harvey (Hazel Walters)

g. Mary Ann Huelin (John William)

i. Amelia Lefrense (James)
ii. John Huelin (Marcella Walters)
iii. Flora Lillian Lawrence (Cecil)
iv. Ida Hardy (Ernest)

h. Elizabeth Frances Organ (James)

i. Charlotte Ingram (Albert)
ii. Lucy Goosney
iii. Frances Organ
iv. Mary Elizabeth Hulan (Charles)
v. Louisa Organ
vi. Libby Organ
vii. Hilda Vout
viii. Ivy Moore (Edwin G.)
ix. Julia Ann Armstrong
x. George Organ (Lenora Organ)

4. Susannah Harvey (b. 12 Dec 1853 IAM) m. Jesse Clarke (b. )

E.     Eleanor Harvey (b. 1824 IAM, d. 09 Jul 1896 IAM) m. Thomas Lillington  

1. George Lillington (b. Aug 1845 IAM) m. 23 Nov 1871 Mary Ann Caines (b.Aug 1849 BI, d. 30 Aug 1929 IAM)

a. John Thomas Lillington (b. Apr 1874 IAM) m. - Susnnah Harvey

b. Sarah Jane Lillington (b. Apr 1874 IAM)

c. Morgan Joshua Lillington (b. Jul 1877 IAM)

d. Nelson Lillington (b.Nov 1884 IAM) m. 29 Oct 1910 -Susannah Knott (b. Jan 1892 IAM, d/o Benjamin &Sarah Ann)

i. Elizabeth Jane LeFrense m. 31 Apr 1931 (John Alexander LeFrense 1902)
ii. Rachel Harvey b. Feb 1914 IAM  (Henry Thomas)
iii. Eunice Lillington b Dec 1815 IAM
iv. Dorothy McDonald b. 08 Jan 1918 IAM m. 09 Mar 1935 (Angus)
v. Mary Ann Cleman b. Aug 1920 IAM(Benjamin)
vi. Clayton Lillington b. IAM (Ida Harvey)
vii. Charles Abbott Lillington

e. Frances Maude Lillington (b. 1889 IAM)

2. Isreal Lillington (Sarah Currie b. 1859 IAM, d. 1924 d/o John & Susannah)

a. Ellen Jane Malone (Hickman)

i. John Mlone

b. Eliza Elizabeth Lillington

c. Morgan Lillington (Fanny Green d/o Sarah)

d. Isaac Joshua Lillington (Sarah Harvey)

i. Edgar Lillington b. Oct 1909 IAM
ii. George Lillington B. Sep 1907 IAM

e. Thomas Harris Lillington (Elizabeth Pike)

f. George William Lillington (Ellen Feltham)

i. Elizabeth Lillington b. Nov 1904
ii. Elsie Lillington b. Nov 1906
iii. Samuel Lillingtonb. Oct 1908
iv. Dora Lillington b. Dec 1910
v. Minnie Lillington b. Nov 1913
vi. George Lillington b. Sep 1914
vii. Morgan Lillington b. Sep 1916
viii. Alice Lillington b.Jul 1918

g. Isreal Lillington (Alfreda Dicks)

i. Ivey F. Lillington b.Dec 1913
ii. Minnie Lillington b. Nv 1917
iii. Martha Lillington b.Jun 1919

h. Sophia Martha Hann (Andrew)

j. Emmanuel James Lillington

k. Maggie Lillington

l. Susannah Minnie Lillington

m. Samuel Hickman Lillington

n. Sarah Florence Lillington

2. Thomas Joshua Lillington

3. Sophia Anderson (William Robert)

a. Thomas Joshua Anderson

b. Eleanor Anne Anderson

4. Nelson Lillington

5. Julia Ann Lillington (b.May 1867 IAM, d.  )  m. -18 Aug 1879 -James Walters (b. 03 Jul 1860 Fox Roost, d. , s/o James & Jane)

a. Morgan Joshua (b. Jun 1883 ) m. 20 Jun 1901 -Elizabeth Harvey (b. 1885 IAM) & Dinah Knott (b. May 1893 IAM d/o Benjamin)

i. Amelia Lawrence (Benjamin) 1902

John Lawrence
Margaret Lawrence
Marjorie Lawrence

ii. Ernest Walters 1903 (Eliza Keeping 1903)

Pearl Clarke (David)
EricWalters (Katie)
Dora Farrel
Harold Vallis
James Vallis

iii. Nathan Walters (b. Oct 1903 IAM, d. ) m. -Maggie Dominie

Nathan Walters
Sophia Walters
Elizabeth E Walters
Delores Walters
Roland Walters (Amelia Seymour)

iv. Julia Ann Walters 1905
v. Adeline Walters 1908
vi. Arthur Walters 1909
vii. Wilfred Walters 1909
viii. Gordon Walters (b. Jan 1917 IAM, d. ) m. -Jane (b. Scotland)

Gordon Walters
Dinah Baggs (Launce)
Mary Pink (Lloyd)

ix. Clarence Walters
x. Riley Walters (b. Jul 1919 IAM)

b. Amelia Walters (b. Jan 1886 IAM) m. 24 Oct 1907 -John Seymour (b. May 1880 Hiscock’s Pt. s/o John & Phoebe)

i. Bessie Seymour (b. 20 Aug 1909 IAM)
ii. Laura Seymour (b. 28 Oct 1911 IAM)
iii. Winter Seymour (b. 28 Oct 1911IAM)
iv. Eli Seymour (b. Jul 1913 IAM) m. Maggie Foote

Claude Seymour
Reginald Seymour
Eli Seymour (Caroline Harvey)
Eileen Durnford ( )
Nathan Seymour
George Seymour

v. Rita Seymour (b. May 1915 IAM)
vi. Lorenzo Seymour (b. Apr 1919 IAM (Ethel Strickland)

Wilfred Seymour (Vera Green)
Marjorie Dominie (Garfield)
Maxwell Seymour (Wendy)
Amelia Walters (Roland) &
George Seymour (Olive Meade & )
Catherine LeFrense (Randolph) &
Ethel Durdle (Glenn)
         Lorne Seymour
Vivian Musseau (Gerry )
Arlene Green (Wallace) & Judy Seymour
Elton Seymour
         Craig Seymour
Wendy Seymour

c. Nathan Walters 1897

6. Morgan Lillington

7. Eleanor Lillington

F. Jane Harvey (b. 1826 IAM, d. )

G. Elizabeth Harvey (b. 1827 IAM, d. 23 Nov 1895 Cow Head) m. John Huelin (b. 1819 Little Codroy River, d. 31 Mar 1893 Cow Head s/o Joseph & Catherine Huelin)

1. Joseph Huelin/Hewlin (b. Oct 1841, d. 01 Mar 1916 Cow Head) m. Sarah Jane Walters (b. Dec 1849 Fox Roost, d. 04 Jul 1927 Cow Head)

a. Elizabeth Hewlin

b. James Hewlin (b. 17 Mar 1868 Cow Head, d. 01 Jan 1943) m. Irene (b. 05 Jul 1874, d. 21 Nov 1964)

i. Jessie Hewlin (b. 12 May 1893 Cow Head, d. 25 Jul 1965) m. Annie Gertrude (b. 06 May 1900, d. 07 Jul 1983)
        Ida Hewlin (b. 1922 Cow Head)
        Irene Hewlin (b. 1923 Cow Head)
        Deilia Hewlin (b. 1924 Cow Head)
        Beulah Hewlin (b. 1929 Cow Head)

c. Sarah Jane Hewlin

d. Joseph Hewlin (b. 19 Jul 1889 Cow Head, d. 02 May 1962) m. -Florence Lily (b. 19 Apr 1894 Cow Head, d. 03 Jun 1977)

2. John Huelin/Hewlin Jr. (b. 29 Jan 1844 IAM, d. 16 Oct 1926 Cow Head) m. -Rachel Pike (b. 15 Feb 1847, d. 29 Dec 1928 Cow Head)

a. John E. Hewlin (b. Nov 1887 Cow Head, d. 29 Mar 1958) m. -Jane Priscilla (b. 31 Jul 1885 Cow Head, 26 Nov 1953)

i. Dulcie Hewlin (b. Apr 1911 Cow Head)
ii. Margaret Hewlin (b. Oct 1913 Cow Head)
iii. Bertham Hewlin (b. Jul 1915 Cow Head)
iv. Nicademous Hewlin (b. Sep 1917 Cow Head)
v. Stephen Lawrence Hewlin (b. 1922 Cow Head)
vi. William Ambrose Hewlin (b. 1924 Cow Head)
vii. Harvey Carl Hewlin (b. 1925 Cow Head)
viii. Forward Hewlin (b. 1928 Cow Head)

b. George E. Hewlin (b. Nov 1892 Cow Head, d. 08 Jan 1952 Cow Head) m. -Susannah M. (b. Oct 1896 Cow Head)

i. Edna Sabrina Hewlin (b. Aug 1917 Cow Head, d. 22 Jul 1930)
ii. Gordon Hewlin (b. Sep 1919 Cow Head, d. 19 Apr 1940)
iii. John Lyman Hewlin (b. 1922 Cow Head)
iv. Michael Gerwin Hewlin (b. 1922 Cow Head)
v. Walter Hector Hewlin (b. Cow Head, d. 16 Apr 1944)
vi. George Hewlin (b. 1926 Cow Head)
vii. Rhoda Rachael Hewlin (b. 1930 Cow Head, d. 23 Sep 1948)
viii. Mona Annie Sabrina Hewlin (b. 1932 Cow Head)

3. Catherine Hewlin (b. Feb 1850 Bonne Bay) m.- James Endicott (b. May 1849 Little River))

4. Susannah Hewlin (b. Feb 1851)n/m (Charles Payne)

a. Walter Hewlin (b. 1878 Cow Head)

H. Ester Harvey (b. 1829 IAM, d. 11 Sep 1868 IAM) m. Arthur Dowling

(NOTE: 15 May 1873 a Mary Ann Dowling married Robert Rose. She may be a daughter of Ester & Arthur)

1. Ambrose Dowling (Celestine Poole)

a. Edward Dowling (b. 13 Nov 1874)

2. Henrietta Dowling (b. Sep 1854) m. William Short (s/o John & Mary)

a. William Short (b. Nov 1878, d. 1965) m. Sarah Jane Patey (b. Oct 1881, d. 1974)

i. Mary Short (b. Mar 1903 Cape Ray)
ii. Ellen Short (b. Jul 1906 Cape Ray)
iii. Ambrose Short (b. Oct 1910 Cape Ray)
iv. Ada Short (b. Mar 1919 Cape Ray)

b. Frank Short (b. Nov 1880) m. Catherine Osmond (b. Sep 1883 d/o Harriett)

i. Amelia Short (b. Apr 1909 Cape Ray)
ii. Absolom Short (b. Feb 1910 Cape Ray)
iii. Caroline Short (b. Mar 1919 Cape Ray)
iv. Mary Short (b. 1923)
v. Florence Short (b. 1932)

c. Emmanuel Short (b. Mar 1880 Burnt Islands) m. Susan Billard (Mar 1887 Grand Bruit d/o Samuel & Elizabeth)

i. James Short (Sep 1906 Grand Bruit )
ii. Emmanuel Short (b. Jan 1909 Grand Bruit )
iii. George Short (b,. Sep 1911 Grand Bruit )
iv. Phoebe Short (b. Aug 1915 Grand Bruit )

d. Solomon Short (b.Aug 1889) m. Harriett (b. 1894)

i. Isaac Sort (Apr 1911 Cape Ray)
ii. Elizabeth Short (Feb 1914 Cape Ray)
iii. Selina Short (b. Aug 1917 Cape Ray)
iv. Rebecca Short (b. Apr 1919 Cape Ray)
v. Frances Short (b. 1922 Cape Ray)
vi. George Short (b. 1924 Cape Ray)
vii. Emmanuel Short (b. 1928 Cape Ray)
viii. Cecil Short (b. 1932 Cape Ray)
ix. Ernest Short (b1934 Cape Ray)

e. Edward Short (b. 1775 Cape Ray) m. Jane Norris (b. Jul 1879, d/o Sarah)

i. Charles Short (b. Aug 1904 Cape Ray)
ii. Albert Short (b. Nov 1906 Cape Ray)
iii. Edward Short (b. Jul 1908 Cape Ray)
iv. Joseph Short (b. Oct 1915 Cape Ray)
v. Rita Short (b. Dec 1918 Cape Ray)
vi. Jane Short 1928 Cape Ray)

f. Susan Short m. William Gilliam & m. 10 Oct 1911 Jeremiah Harvey (b. 26 May 1855, d. 25 Jan 1925 s/o Thomas & Lydia)

i. Emmanuel Gilliam (b. Jan 1898 Cape Ray) m. 1924 Bertha Manuel (b. 1900,d/o Eli)

3.     William Dowling (b. 16 Jul 1851) m. Elizabeth Keeping (b. 29 Apr 1854)

a. Alfred Ernest William Dowling (b. 15 Nov 1871) m. -Mary Ann (b.  Note: after her husband’s death married Philip Blackmore)

i. Gladys Jane Dowling (b. 16 Apr 1904 IAM)
ii. Henry Karl Dowling (b. 07 Oct 1908 IAM)
iii. Samuel Dowling (b. 1910 IAM)

b. Ester Dowling (b. 09 Mar 1873 Burnt Islands)

c. Ellen Jane (b. 31 May 1874)

d. Mary Ellen Dowling

e. Sarah Florence Dowling (b. 26 Feb 1880) m. William Vardy (b. 17 Feb 1872) & m. 06 Mar 1907 -Henry Charles Butt (b. 22 Sep 1879 St. Georges, d. 1945 Halifax, s/o George & Letita)

i. Otto L. Vardy (b. 12 Sep 1900)
ii. Ida Vardy (b. 20 Mar 1901)
iii. Hazel Butt (b. 1908 North Sydney)
iv. George William Butt (b. 1909 North Sydney, d. 1976)
v. Edna Butt (b. 1911 North Sydney, d. Boston)
vi. Leslie Gordon Butt (b. 1913 North Sydney, d. 1930)
vii. Louise Maude Butt (b. 07 Dec 1915 North Sydney, d. 06 Mar 1976 Boston) m. -George Baines

f. Isabelle Dowling (b. 10 Nov 1885)

g. Arthur Dowling (b. 10 Feb 1887)

h. Celestine Dowling (b. 02 Aug 1888)

j. Clara M. Dowling (b.01 Apr 1892)

k. George Dowling (b. 26 Jul 1896)

4. Jane Dowling (b. 31 Jul 1858 IAM)

5. Joseph Dowling (b. 23 Jan 1862 IAM)

6. Frances George Dowling (b. 27 Oct 1958 IAM) m. 24 Sep 1891 Caroline Elizabeth Meade (b. unk, d/o John)

J.  Mary B. Harvey (b. 1831 IAM) m. Robert Lewis (b. 1829-30 Marbhull, Dorset, England, d. 26 Jul 1902 Rocky Harbour) after Mary’s death married Sophia Read (b. 1847-8 LaPoile, d. 13 Jun 1905 Rocky Harbour)

1. Emma Jane Lewis (b. IAM) m. 25 Oct 1870 Robert Kendall (b. Cape Ray)

2. Harriet Lewis (b. 09 Dec 1854 IAM, d. 05 Nov 1858 IAM)

3. Mary Ann Lewis (b. 1857 IAM) m. 19 Apr 1879 -Dennis O’Neil (b. 1857 Bonne Bay)

4. Joseph Lewis (b. 03 Jul 1860 IAM, d. 24 May 1840 Curling) m. 18 May 1888 -Unice Vincent (b. 1868 Bonne Bay) & m.Sarah Josephine (b. Apr 1862 Carbonear)

5. Robert Lewis (b. 20 Oct 1869 IAM)

K. George Harvey (b. 1834 IAM & Elizabeth)

1. Philip Harvey (b. IAM) m. 1870 -Mary Ann Lawrence)

a. Lottie Allen (George)

b. Julia Anna Harvey

c. Charlotte Harvey

d. Alice Jane Harvey

2. George Harvey Jr.

3. William Henry Harvey (b. 1852 IAM, d. 30 Aug 1933) m. 23 Aug 1880 Harriett Strickland)

a. Sarah Ellen Lillington (Isaac Joshua)

i. Wendell Lillington
ii. Sarah Lillington
iii. Elizabeth Lillington
iv. Harriet Jane Ingram(Augustus & William)
v. Alice Organ (John)
vi. Gertrude Dowling
vii. Edgar Lillington
viii. George Lillington

b. Elizabeth Harvey

c. Philip Harvey

d. George Thomas Harvey

e. John William Harvey (b. IAM, d. 1916) m. 15 Oct1914 -Cassie Blanche Frampton (b. 12 Aug 1897 IAM d/o George & Sarah Ann)

f. Eliza Jane Harvey

g. Joshua Henry Harvey (Susannah Billard)

i. Evelyn Harriet Morris (Augustus A.)
ii. John Harvey
iii. Ida Myrtle Harvey

4. Mary Jane Harvey (b.  Oct 1858 IAM), d. 28 Mar 1929 Grand Bruit) m. -Andrew Mitchell Moore Scott (b. 06 Mar 1849 Ramea) & m. 10 Nov 1907 -Henry Martin Billard (b. Mar 1853 Grand Bruit s/o John & Elizabeth)

a. William Scott (b. Feb 1877 IAM) m. 03 Nov 1904 -Mary Louisa Edmunds (b. 1888 Burnt Islands d/o Thomas)

i. Julia Ann Scott (b.May 1907 IAM) m. Ambrose Billard (b. Grand Bruit )
ii. Winter Scott (b. May 1912 IAM) m. Rosie Harvey (b. Se0 1918, d. 1944) & m. Leah Billard/Walters (b. IAM d/o Cornelius & Annabelle))

iii. Sarah Jane Scott (b. May 1915 IAM) m. Garfield Walters (b. IAM s/o John & Elizabeth)
iv. Harriet Scott (b. Jul 1917 IAM0 m. Thomas William Harvey (b. IAM s/o John & Susannah))
v. Edith Scott (b.Jul 1919 IAM)
vi. Susanna Miriam Scott (b. IAM) m. Solomon Billard (b. Grand Bruit)
vii. Rosabelle Scott (b. 1925 IAM)
viii. Caroline Scott (b. 1928 IAM)

b. Elizabeth Scott (b.  Oct 1881 IAM) m/. ? McDonald

i. Andrew McDonald (b. Apr 1914 Burnt Islands)
ii. George McDonald (b. Aug 1918 Burnt Islands)

5. Margaret Harvey

6. Priscilla Harvey

7. Elizabeth Harvey (b. Jul 1867 IAM, d. 16 Oct 1940 Grand Bruit) m. 03 Mar 1887 -Samuel Billard (b. Jun 1863 Grand Bruit, d. 24 Mar 1945 s/o John & Elizabeth)

a. Miriam Susannah Short (Emmanuel) & Martin (Charles H.)

b. George William Billard

c. Llewellyn Billard

d. John Billard (Elizabeth Ann Lillington)

e. Walter Stanley Billard (Minnie Eleanor Prosser)

f. Ernest Billard (Alfreda Payne)

g. Samuel Wilson Billard

8. George Harvey (b. Jul 1867 IAM) m. -Clara (b. May 1881)

a. George Andrew Harvey

b. Elsie Harvey

c. George William Harvey (b. Mar 1907 IAM)

d. Thomas Joshua Harvey (b. Nov 1908 IAM)

e. Richard James Andrew Harvey (b. Jun 1911 IAM)

f. Elizabeth Clara Harvey (b. May 1915 IAM) m. -Raymond Organ (b. Aug 1908 IAM s/o George & Emily Ann)

9. Miriam Susannah Harvey (b. Jul 1874 IAM) m. 20 Sep 1893 -John Thomas Lillington (b. Apr 1872 IAM s/o George & Mary Ann)

10. John Edward Harvey (b. May 1880 IAM)

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