Mayor’s Message

Thank you to the residents of Isle aux Morts for an outstanding turnout to select our council. We will work together throughout our four year term to solve issues that have been identified and those that will arise. Your Council will work diligently to ensure we exhaust all efforts to solve them.

We have a well-rounded council, eager to serve the residents of Isle aux Morts. I can assure you that all decisions relating to our fabulous community will be made carefully with the town’s best interests in mind.

As Mayor and member of council, I am committed to being available to you should you have any issues that you would like to discuss. I will be at the town office daily. Please come by with any issues you will like to bring forth or just to have a chat one-on-one.

It is our hope that we can facilitate new events and programs to help foster a sense of connection and community. If you have ideas contact the town clerk or a member of the town council and share your idea. We are lucky to live in a community such as ours that continues to offer the traditional charm of small town living in an ever changing world.

The Council is looking forward to working with you and doing whatever we can to benefit the residents of Isle aux Morts.


Nelson Lillington

Nelson Lillington,
Mayor, Isle aux Morts

For Emergency, call 911 or 956-2424.
This will alert the pager system.